Resignation to the IOSSKA & Shorin ryu Seibukan

Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006-01-17

Shimabukuro Zenpo Dai sensei

I hope you have good health and youre family too.

Please accept my apologize for my silence and secrecy, but I’ take some time to think the future of my karate school.

I want to clarify the following points: 

1.    In 1988 I’ put my karate school with seven dojo and more than 300 students below youre tutelage. Today after seventeen years with seibukan we have a few students and lost the mayor black belts.

2.    In 1993 I sent to you, Dan Smith and Jamal Measara a international organization project previous international seibukan meeting we will had in okinawa, nobody answered and my proposal was ignored in these meeting and the last twelve years. In these meeting we agree to pay charter fee U$ 250 for each country, Seibukan Argentina pay 1993, 1994, 1995 when you came to our country. ¿other countries pay?. After these meeting I´ received pressión from Board Directors letters (still I´ have it), behind youre name.

3.    In the 1995 meeting the auto elected Board Directors make proposal U$ 500 for each dojo charter fee, the USA dojos never pay U$15.000 for 30 dojos and try pay more less because they said its to much money, and offered to you U$ 8.000 for all, but you tell me in a personal meeting we have on august 2003 in Okinawa, “THEY NO MAKE ANY PAYMENT”. I´ ask: ¿Why there 3 USA persons in the International Seibukan Board Directors? ¿Why one of they no teach and other is no USA Seibukan Leader?

4.    In 1997 meeting, some of seibukan leaders make discussion about who is the second man behind to you, was making apartheid with the rest seibukan member, for this I didn't attend the Moromi meetting because I´ no agree with this politic. In these oportunity many seibukan USA students and sensei, was try payme if I´accept make seibukan kata movie on the Chatan beach, maybe this is because they leaders no training, only go to Okinawa to speak and made tourism.

5.    You said me the Seibukan Intenational had many meetings in the past to which I didn't attend, let me to clarify this, I participated of them in 1993, 1995, 1997 and 2001 in those some members of the board directors imposing their ideas, without listening to the rest. 

6.    In the 2001 Atlanta world tournament Dan Smith put me to ridicule situation wen he gave support to Argentine sensei (from Uechi ryu) who have bad relation with all okinawa karate school in Argentina, he was try make damage with these support from Dan Smith to our official national federation in which I am the president. After these action many karate leaders in Argentina look bad the image of seibukan.

7.    ¿Why never entered in the IOSSKA web site information about Seibukan Argentina? but there historical note to discredit other Okinawan karate master, I´ never don’t see this way, and no made honor to the Okinawan culture.

8.    I never speak in my letters or emails about discrimination, let me clarified that, I don't feel discriminated from you, I believe that our form of thinking is different but I feel in International Seibukan doesn't interest my way of think, and some board directors practice the appartheid with me, I’ don’t agree with they because speak more than training karate, I’ believe only in karate training for give to the next generation the best of art.

9.    About the topic of the trips to Okinawa and other countries, I always have a positive attitude and I am eager to know what happens in Seibukan International, but it doesn't sufficient, the airplane ticket and lodging are paid with money, not with attitude. When south american karateka go to Okinawa spend 3 times more money that the north american people.

10.  In my last trip to Okinawa in august 2003, I’ see many seibukan high rank no training and don’t have any respect for all student training in Jagaru school for the Seibukan exhibition on the budokan, after 3 hours they came (of course after dinner) and was try all people to repeat the exhibition, very bad attitude in front of all seibukan students.

11.  About my karate rank test I´ always to wait for youre decision, I don't never request about it, but I’ have eleven years with 4th Dan, and 28 years teaching karate in my country (17 years teaching seibukan).

12.  Actually many Okinawan karate & kobudo school grow in Argentina because give high ranks to theyre members, all people believe who have high rank know more karate and can give more rank to they students. This people no pay for karate, pay for ranks, but they go to dojos with leadership of high rank.

Dear shimabukuro sensei for all this, I’ think is to much better you accept my renouncement to the IOSSKA and Shorin Ryu Seibukan, for to many diference which is not possible repair now.

I´ decide leadership my karate school below new name and patch of  Shorin Ryu Seishinkan, and offer to you to be our karate master councellor, and request our afiliation to the Okinawa Chubu Shorin ryu group (Seibukan, Shudokan & Shidokan) for to receive our certificate rank.

If you believe this proposal is not possible, please tell me as soon as possible.

It is all for now, I wait an answer from you to continue our relation and expressing our loyalty to you. Sent my regards to youre family and Okinawa Seibukan students.

Sincerly youre in karate


Héctor E. Maroli

Shorin ryu Seishinkan Kancho

Okinawa Karate Kobudo Dendoshakai Kaicho

Okinawa Karate Kobudo Argentina Renmei Kaicho